Cat Culture and its Relation to Cat Animal Shelters

Cat culture is that majority of these animals are domesticated by people probably because they want the cats to hunt mice in their houses, fields, and also in the barns. Cats are also the nice pets of people though, especially the beautiful cat breeds. However, the majority of the native cats are basically for hunting mice roaming around. Cats can be the most effective rodent control of people rather than getting the professional rodent control services which can be costly. This can be the beneficial results expected from both the cats and owners, the cats hunt mice and the owners also feeding the cats.

However, whatever the purpose of the owner with his cats, it is still the arrogant type of pet, despite the cat already domesticated and fed. It can never have a good relationship with the pet dog, although there are also exceptions to this. With other cats, it can also be a problem, especially when they are placed in a cat animal shelter or rescue sanctuary. Cats that are already neglected by their owners can end up in the animal shelters, but this can also pose a problem.

Cats are expected to have big fights when they are in the shelters, especially with those newly introduced to the rescue sanctuary and shelter. Inside the cat shelter, there will emerge a leader and most of the other cats will become the followers. With the newly introduced cat, it can be a big problem, although the fights can subside in a few days. This can also happen though with other animal cultures and not just cats.

Cat Culture and Rescue Sanctuary / Animal Shelters


Cats are pets to many people and they are domesticated since several hundreds of years or even more. Cats are known to hunt mice, and this is one reason that people have them as pets since mice are destructive and eat grains and food. Cats protect people from rodents and the destruction these pets give to people, and people give love and attention to their pet cats, thus the give and take relationship. However, there are also the very nice looking furry cats that are very nice to have as pets. Cat culture and history of domestication has been around for hundreds and even thousands of years, and scientists and archeologists will attest to this.

However, there are also cats that are neglected by their owners, and they end up in the rescue sanctuary or animal shelters for cats. In these animal shelters, problems may also come in, especially for the newly introduced cats because the bigger and older cats may fight and bully the new ones. Cats, like other animals also impose their own order, and the new ones have to respect and follow the pack leaders, which can be the much bigger ones. This may lead to some fights, which is also not good inside the shelters.

The presence of many cats inside the animal shelters can also pose some problems with people maintaining these shelters, although the problem may subside after some time, and the cats already have known each other. Imposing some set of rules or the roles of the individual cats may have already been set up, and the cats do these themselves. This can be the cat culture they have set up. 

Cat Influence and Animal Shelters

Cats are one of the most loved and famous animals in the world. This is quite apparent when you look for cats in several search engines over the internet. There are tons of pictures, articles and other related content when you look for them online.

Cats are loved because of their tenderness, warmth and cuteness. They are showy when expressing their feelings and emotions to their owners. Cats are also self-reliant and you can leave them alone on their own at home for awhile. They are curious, mischievous and an overall great everyday companion.

Cats have heavily affected culture as well as individuals. It’s not surprising that many celebrities own several cats for themselves today. They are great time passers and motivators. Looking up cat pictures can brighten up ones day giving inspiration and joy.

Even though a majority of people love and adore cats, some of them are mistreated and left out in the streets. One of its major causes is due to their population. Cats mate and give birth at a very fast rate. This is why owners should be fully responsible with the behavior of their pets. Spraying or neutering cats can relieve one of such problem.

Cats that are abandoned roam the streets looking for food and protection. This is why animal shelters work their best in helping these poor individuals find a loving and caring family for themselves. Rescue sanctuary can be a very safe haven for those unfortunate pets.

Cat Culture and Rescue Sanctuary / Animal Shelters

Cats are pets to many people and they are domesticated since several hundreds of years or even more. Cats are known to hunt mice, and this is one reason that people have them as pets since mice are destructive and eat grains and food. Cats protect people from rodents and the destruction these pets give to people, and people give love and attention to their pet cats, thus the give and take relationship. However, there are also the very nice looking furry cats that are very nice to have as pets. Cat culture and history of domestication has been around for hundreds and even thousands of years, and scientists and archeologists will attest to this.

However, there are also cats that are neglected by their owners, and they end up in the rescue sanctuary or animal shelters for cats. In these animal shelters, problems may also come in, especially for the newly introduced cats because the bigger and older cats may fight and bully the new ones. Cats, like other animals also impose their own order, and the new ones have to respect and follow the pack leaders, which can be the much bigger ones. This may lead to some fights, which is also not good inside the shelters.

The presence of many cats inside the animal shelters can also pose some problems with people maintaining these shelters, although the problem may subside after some time, and the cats already have known each other. Imposing some set of rules or the roles of the individual cats may have already been set up, and the cats do these themselves. This can be the cat culture they have set up. 

Cat Culture

Look around you and the streets would surely be filled with a stray animal or two. Be it your neighbors dog or someone’s cat, it would seem that more and more animals are getting abandoned or getting astray and filling up the strays. Cat culture. Now that’s one term that would seem fitting to describe the stray business that animals are doing. Cats are known for their tendency to go away from their master’s house and go home when they need to. Sometimes, these “cats” don’t know when and where to come home anymore then crowding the streets.

Animal shelters or an animal sanctuary however helps eliminate this cat culture by taking stray animals into their care. Most animal shelters are maintained by volunteers although some are paid for by private organization who mean to help people, the society as well as the animals going astray.

Truly, animals have made a great part living with man as they can be of benefit to people. They may all be lovable and cute but just like people, they have to be taken care of and seen to also. Cat culture only defines how the society and its culture are affected by them and how animal shelters are making a difference by doing their job even if they are not really paid that much on a basis. Animals are animals but they need care like how humans do to. They may adhere to the said cat culture but still, their welfare as well is something to consider for us; a job that most rescue sanctuary does in behalf of people who have come to abandon animals as if they do not care at all.


Some Tips on Domesticating a Feral Cat

There are a lot of things that you need to consider first before you decide to introduce your new found pet to your home. You need to ensure that the feline with you is not a health risk to your family especially if you have kids. There are some guides that you can use to help you ensure that the future of your beloved pet won’t be a big problem. It is important for you tp make sure that your future pet will behave properly and that it will be safe for your family to take care of them.

The first thing that you need to make sure is to know if the feral cat you have chosen is healthy and safe. Bring it to the vet before you decide to let it stay within your home. Remember that it may have been roaming around for a long time and has been able to mix with other animals, sleeping almost anywhere. There are a lot of possibilities that this feral cat might be infected with fleas or have some sort of disease. You need to bring it to a good vet for a complete check up and you can also shop for some of the equipment that you need for the cat.

It’s sometimes tricky to make your feral cat behave the way you want when you prepare it to see the vet. They might have some problems with getting into cages also. Take extra care to keep your body and specifically your neck, several years ago I was dealing with neck strains learn more here. But once they get the hang of it, you will find it easier to ask them to do what you want them to do. After making sure that your cat is healthy and safe, you can now consider taking another step in domesticating your cat. Another important thing is training them to properly behave inside your house. You need to make sure that it is potty trained. And you can do that by isolating your feral cat with a litter box. This way you will be introducing them to the litter box and its use. After they know what to do, you can now leave them alone in your home safely.

You can consider washing them once in a while, but you need to be careful on how you do it because all cats don’t like water. You can consider cutting their nails first to make sure that it can’t hurt you or hold them properly so that they can’t reach out to scratch you.

After you have done all these things, you can now enjoy your new domesticated feral cat. You can have a worry free time away from home knowing that your cat won’t get into trouble because it knows how to behave properly inside your house. You need to make sure that it is also taken care of properly for you to have a good relationship with your cat. Find out what type of food it prefers and what kinds of toys it likes. Most cats are really playful and if you don’t have time to play with them, they tend to do some naughty things inside your home just to get your attention.

The Best Cat Food for Your Feline Friends

Having a cat as part of your family, you will surely do anything just to make sure that they get all the best things especially with their food. They are not able to speak but they can perfectly show you if they don’t like the food you are giving them or if it’s their favourite. Cats are very common pets that there are several shows which are based on them; some of the famous cat characters that we see on television include Garfield who loves eating lasagna. There is also Tom who is often going after Jerry the mouse. And there’s also Sylvester with all his plans to eat Tweety bird. Even if these cartoons are only fictional characters, it is also based in real life. Silly dreams of cats and birds haunted me for months resulting in sleep disorders like sleep apena side effects check this out. Cats do catch mouse and birds and they are also able to eat human foods but this doesn’t ensure that these will be healthy for them to eat.

There are a lot of different cat foods that have been created to be able to help you serve your cat the most complete nutrition that they need in one meal. There are some natural cat foods that are very popular among cat owners today. This type of cat food provides health benefits for your beloved feline. You can choose from the different flavours that you think your cat would like. It is like feeding your family with the quality that some of the cat foods that are available in the market.

Depending on your cat’s needs, there is surely a specific type of cat food that is available. There are foods that are created for kittens and adult cats. The age of your cat will determine which type of food will give them a big advantage. The different kinds of foods offer different vitamins and minerals that can help your cat become the best that they can be.

There are a lot of cat foods that offer fresh and authentic meat with real vegetables and fruits that are perfectly mixed to form this high quality cat food to maximize the possible benefits that your cat will gain after eating it. Food is created so that it would exactly fit your cat’s preference. Before you decide which food to buy in the market, you need to check out the labels and find which food contains the most complete vitamins and minerals for your cat to have.

There are a lot of different brands for cat food but you need to take time in deciding which ones will work well with your kitty. Make sure that you have found the right food that will be acceptable to your beloved feline. Make sure that they get the proper treatment through the right type of cat food that you can find. Not all the most expensive cat foods are the best but you also need to check the food before you decide to buy the food you want. You can also have your cat try out the taste of the food you are about to buy.

Cats in Different Cultures

Even in modern times, there are still some impressions that people have that are actually unfair to cats.  Among these is the idea that cats are witches’ pets and are therefore evil. Such concept can be traced back to the early 15th century in Europe.  It is because of this concept that people tend to stay away from cats, especially the black ones.  However, it is not only during then and in the immediate years that follow that such misconception prevailed.  Even to this days, in the age of advanced electronics and the internet, there are still some individuals who fear black cats not for what they are but for what they may represent.

There may be some scientific explanations why some cats do look like they are evil.  When the lights are out, the retina of the cats tend to illuminate.  For those who are not accustomed to the sight, they may indeed make a conclusion that cats are evil.  However, a closer study would make one realize that there is actually no problem with this.  It is just the cat trying to adjust to the lighting of the room that he is in.  Because such phenomenon was never explained scientifically during the Medieval Ages, it was only expected that some people would really make conclusions based on their imaginations.

On the other hand, cats are revered in ancient Egypt.  The early Egyptians believed that cats are divine animals and that these may be from the gods.  In fact, there are also many who think that the cats themselves are gods.  This cultural characteristic is not just exclusive to Egypt though.  In some areas of Latin America during the ancient times, when Spain has not yet colonized much of the region, jaguars are often considered as sacred.  While these huge cats are feared, people tend to just let them be because they were said to be divine too.

It is clearly culture that determines how cats should be treated by people. While Europeans in the Medieval Ages might have thought of black cats as evil, the Japanese thought of these as symbols of luck. For this reason, it was common to see some Japanese households that actually keep black cats as pests.  Of course, there may be some practical purpose for this.  Cats that are kept in the household are meant to chase away pests, such as rats and other rodents.  As long as such felines do their job, then they could certainly symbolize luck.

As culture continues to advance though along with the other important aspects of society, people would begin to get rid of all those notions that do not really put cats in a position that is similar with dogs. This is good news for the felines.  However, those who really love cats would easily disregard such cultural beliefs.  It is through this that cats would finally have their own share of the limelight as with other favorite pets.  After all, cats do not really argue for themselves. It is up to humans to recognize it.

The Basics of Cat Behavior

A lot of people do not see themselves to be the types that can take care of cats as pets.  Usually, the reason for this is that they just do not understand the way that these behave.  Unlike dogs, cats are not very easy to train but this is not because they are simply stubborn or dull.  Humans tend to think of them as such though because of the fact that they do not easily follow instructions.  However, if a human being is able to grasp the basics of cat behavior, he would surely find out soon that cats are smart animals too.

If there is one thing that a cat may have in common with a spoiled dog, it is its desire to get attention always from its owner or master.  However, you should not blame a cat for this attitude.  Again, as it is with spoiled dogs, spoiled cats could also present you these problems.  The best way to deal with this is not to punish your cat drastically but to show that you are in control.  When a cat tries to get attention, it is he who wants to manipulate you.   Therefore, your response should tell him that you are someone who could not be easily manipulated.

Feline aggression is a common problem that pet cat owners have.  The sad thing is that there are many cat owners who just do not know how to deal with this issue.  Instead of responding to it with calm, they tend to be just as aggressive as the cat itself; punishing it or even incurring the slightest physical harm.  Actually, the cat may not be hurt physically but the act itself would alienate the owner from the cat.  As a result, the cat would only be challenged further to become more aggressive towards his master.

Another very common problem that cats can give their masters is clawing. This is probably one of the most hated habits that people can have.  One of the most compelling reasons for this is that the habit can actually mean certain furniture items being damaged by the claws.  Of course, you should not resort to declawing because this is not fair to the animal and would harm it even more.  What you should do instead is to try to prevent the cat from clawing every time that you find it out.  If you do so frequently, the cat would certainly understand later on that you do not want him to do that.

Cats are no different from humans when it comes to problems like being obsessive compulsive.  One of the most prominent signs is when they just could not stop licking themselves.  This particular problem should not be treated as though it is a serious behavioral issue though.  If this practice does not do any harm to the cat, then you should just let him enjoy it.  If it does not annoy you or damage your property, then you should just let him be.  Besides, there would come a point when your cat would just decide to stop this habit.

Three Cats Found Dead in a House Fire in Florida

In St. Petersburg, Florida, the Fire and Rescue department is still investigating the death of cats from a house fire. The said house is said to be with no dwellers but there were two birds and three cat.

“In my 32 years on this department, I’ve never seen anything like this,” the District Chief Neil Crumity said.

Firefighters said that it took them an hour to control the fire because of the hazards that were found in the area. They also said that the first started at the kitchen area of the house. They said that the cause of the fire could be electrical in nature.


Southwest Florida Senior Citizens Tackle Cat Colonies

Some concerned senior citizens have been doing trap-neuter-return — or TNR to deal with the cat population in Sarasota, DeSoto and Charlotte countries, according to the Herald Tribune.

Barb McCarten, 76, and Connie Thomas, 72 made a choice to spend sleepless nights and days to deliver this mission that would need their physical and emotional strength.

“If it weren’t for them, we’d really be in bad shape as a community,” says Gary Berkowitz, one of many Venice veterinarians providing low-cost spay, neuter as well as other medical assistance to the cats that McCarten and Thomas help.

“We’re in bad shape anyway because we have so many feral cats, but without them, forget about it. This area would be overrun.”

The team is doing a great job of dealing with a problem that resulted from an economic recession and for misunderstanding of the feral cat’s nature.

Cats Are Said to Cause Suicide

Why would cats be involved in suicides at all? Is it really safe to have cats for pets?

This is according to Dr. Keith Ablow of FoxNews:

“A recent study in Denmark implicates an infection spread by cats in causing humans to feel suicidal.  

 “The infection is called toxoplasmosis.  It is caused by a parasite found, among other places, in the GI tracts of cats.  Therefore, contact with cat feces when emptying a cat’s litter box is one way humans can get it.  Other ways include eating undercooked meat.

“We have known for some time that toxoplasma antibodies (proof of exposure to the parasite) seem to be elevated in patients with schizophrenia.

“Among that 27 percent (as opposed to the other 73 percent of women), self-destructive violence was more common by about 50 percent.  And the higher the antibodies to toxoplasm (presumably showing a more significant exposure), the greater the risk.  Those with the highest level of antibodies were at almost 100 percent higher risk for self-harm.”

Tips on Litter Training Your Cat

As a cat lover, you’re perhaps aware that, even though they have been domesticated, cats still retain part of their wild side. If you have taken time to observe cats, they don’t pass stools as openly as dogs do; they usually find a secluded spot where they take the dump, as we say, and they bury their stools in the soil. That’s a leftover from their untamed days in the wild, and even feral cats do that as well.

However, this behavior may disappear if a cat is trained to stay indoors and avoid the outdoors. Think about it. How can your cat defecate and bury their stools, as their instinct dictates them, if they are unfamiliar with the outside world? The most logical response would be to defecate right there inside the home, causing a lot of problems for the family. Not only does cat stool smell really bad; they can also pose danger to other pets as dogs are sometimes known to eat cat waste if they come across it.

In this situation, litter training is the answer. It is simply the process of training your cat to get used to using a litter to relieve themselves indoors. Cat litters are typically contraptions that have soil or sand that a cat could defecate in, and this soil allows them to practice their natural instinct of hiding their waste in sand, I ended up with ocular migraines from cleaning cat litter boxes (until I wore eye protection). Litter training should be done when the cat is still a kitten, so it becomes second nature to them as they mature and grow up.

Take in mind some of these tips in teaching your cat to use the litter when they feel the need to take a dump.

  • Keep the litter box close to your cat’s favorite hang out

Cats are territorial, and they usually stay in a spot that they have claimed for their own and not move from there for hours in a row. The litter box must be placed near these areas so the cat will be familiar with it, and also to make it accessible for your feline friend.

  • Keep the cat away from potted plants

Because instinct tells them to take a dump in an area where there is soil, keep the potted plants away from the litter and the cat. Otherwise, the cat will mistake the plant pot as the litter because of the soil in it.

  • Take an active hand
You can find out more about litter training cats according to the advice of experts. You can check on their sites online to find out more about it. Here is an example:

Kittens do not learn to use the litter all by themselves, so you must be ready to give him a hand if he needs to. When you think that kittens are feeling the urge – they usually meow urgently as they find a secluded area – pick them up and place them on the litter. Make sure to step away, as cats rarely relieve themselves in front of humans or other animals.

Litter training a cat is not that difficult, but it does require some involvement on your part. Once you’ve successfully litter trained  your pet, however, you can relax and enjoy having a very disciplined cat that will not give you problems by taking a dump anywhere in the home.

Tips on How to Give Your Cat a Proper Bath

Having a pet cat can be really great until you have to bathe them. Cats are really difficult to work with if there is water involved. They will surely scratch intensely until their bath is over. It can be really difficult for you especially if it’s your first time in bathing your kitten. Most first timers will surely get a lot of scratches as a result of forcing their kitty to behave while they pour water. There are a few simple tips that you need to consider before you let your kitty know your plan of getting them into the water. Giving your kitty a bath involves the following steps:

  • Prepare the cat.
  • Trim your cat’s claw.
  • Wear gloves or other protective gear to protect your skin.
  • Gather all things you need.
  • Give your cat a bath.
  • Towel dry their fur.

The different tips in giving your cat a bath depend on the specific step of the task at hand. The first thing that you need to do is to find a suitable outfit that you can wear when you are giving your cat a bath. Make sure that your legs and arms are well covered. Never let your cat know what you are about to do. Try to play with it and get its attention then try to lure it into the bathroom. Prepare lukewarm water that is just above your pet’s paws. Make sure that you are able to close the bathroom door while you are doing all these because the moment your cat sees the water, it will run as far away as possible from the water. It is also best to start bathing your cat early so it can get used to having baths when it’s older. Cats also deplete vitamins especial after a bath and long day of feline running, consider

Always be smart about giving your pet cat a bath and maintaining its hygiene. There are some tips you can glean on the net from the experts. Here is a good example:

Before you start putting your cat in, you need to trim its claws first. This will help you avoid having scratches from your cat. This can also protect your furniture from having marks of your kitten’s shard claws. You can then give your kitty an actual bath. There is a proper way of holding your kitty. You need to secure its two front legs and you can start pouring in water. It will not be able to free itself and it can’t hurt you too.

You need to be quick about this and make sure that you will be able to thoroughly clean your pet before setting it free. Just soap and shampoo your pet and rinse it thoroughly. After that, you need to towel dry and blow dry if possible so that you can make sure that your pet is really clean. Once you get the hang of it, there are a lot of other ways that you can consider for bathing your pet without the difficulty of making it face water. You can try the waterless cat shampoo that you can find in the market. There are a lot of ways you can use to keep your pet’s good hygiene and enjoy playing with them without any impending danger.

Some Facts about Cats

Considering the many wrong notions about them, it is only right that people are provided with information about cats.  It is a fact that there is much wrong information about these pets.  Many even think of these as pets of the devil, especially if these are black.  This is the reason why it is time that you get to know some of the most accurate and most important information about cats.  This is important because you may have decided to have cats as pets too.  As a cat owner, you are definitely responsible for their well-being.  Therefore you should read articles and any other written piece about taking good care of cats.

The very first thing that you should know is that cats can actually see in the dark.  Not very many animals can do this simply because they are not meant to do so.  Because cats can see in the dark, they can still move around with great ease.  This special capability has also enabled them to trying catching mice.  The problem with this though is that the cats may not be very careful in moving around when they try to catch mice.  Therefore, you may end waking up at night because some of your pots have crashed to the floor.

Agility is one of the very prominent characteristics that cats have.  You would be surprised to know that they make use of very unlikely parts of the body to be more agile, such as going inside and outside windows with ease.   Many cats could go through openings not because they have the ability to do this.  One surprising fact is that before they actually go through some openings, they first measure these with the use of their whiskers.  If they find out that the opening is just enough for them, they would not hesitate to go through it.

You may complain at some times when you think that your cat is purring too loudly.  It is very important that you realize that you are not the only one who thinks so.  The truth is that your cat may actually be purring more often than you think.  Purring is actually very normal and, in fact, some of them may sound like vehicles that have their engines.  Whenever you hear such noise, you should simply give gestures to the cat, telling him to shut up.  If the purring is not very loud, then do not bother to introduce changes.

Because you love your cat so much, you may have decided to give him the best there is in your part of the town.  This may include buying expensive food and other vitamins for the cat.  While you choose food for your cat, you may tend to make choices that are based on yours.  For example, you may wish to buy food items that are sweet.  Here is one news item that you should know about: cats do not sense the taste of sweet food.  This means that you should not give him anything that is sweet because he is not going to notice it anyway.

The Different Reasons for Your Cat’s Aggressive Behaviour

Owning a pet requires a lot of time and things to do. But having a loving pet can be just more than enough reward you get back. Having cats for pet is just the same as any pet. And there is sometimes the problem of them becoming aggressive that they destroy certain furniture or even hurt you or other people. Cats have a lot of energy; and if that energy is not used, they tend to let it all out through aggression. There is also the possibility that your pet might be sick that they become so aggressive to tell you that something is wrong with them. You need to see the vet immediately for the latter reason; but during normal circumstance, there are ways you can prevent aggression from happening.

if you want to understand more about how cat aggression should be handled well, you can learn more from our expert friends at Cornell University. You may check on this link for more information:

Different ways to help you avoid aggressive behaviour from your pet cat:

  • Let them know they did something wrong
  • Make sure they get enough exercise
  • Train your cat
  • Buy toys for them to play with
  • Prepare your home to become cat friendly

It is important for a pet owner to know how to take good care of their pet cat. After ensuring that there is nothing wrong with its health, it is time to check the environment that your kitty belongs in. You need to check if they have enough scratching posts and toys to play with. They also need to have a lot of space to run around and climb. If you are planning to keep them inside the house, then you need to prepare your home to be simply a cat heaven. Aggressive behaviour might come from lack of space to exercise and move around.

If you have other pets, a certain jealousy might develop and would cause the aggressive behaviour; it is important that you know how to balance your attention and you should be able to know how to reward and punish your cat when they make a mistake. This will also guide them not to do the things that you don’t like. Treat every household pet with love and care so that they will also repay you with love and care. You need to train your cat how to behave well especially if there are children in your home. It is dangerous for kids to handle aggressive cats.

If you’re able to know how to handle pets with this kind of behaviour, you can effectively find a solution to the problem. You can gather enough information about how to handle aggressive pets. You can also ask for experts’ help or let them be trained by some experts in making pets behave and following their owners’ command. It is also important that you develop a good relationship with your pet so that it will be easy for you to take control and train them in becoming good and well behaved. You can either avoid or solve the problem of aggressive behaviour with your cat. Lastly, just develop a good bond with your pet and you will surely enjoy the life of a pet owner.

Knowing More about the History of Cats

It is important to learn more about where your pet came from to help you understand better how they behave and how they will be properly cared for. There have been a lot of evidence that cats have been domesticated as early as 7,500 BC. Because there was a cat burial found near a human burial in the island of Cyprus. Evidence was in Turkey where a figurine surfaced that indicated they are carrying cats or catlike figures in their arms. And lastly the strong evidence that a lot of people enjoy having cat as a pet was in Egypt because there are a lot of sculptures and skeletons that can prove there are a lot of them in Egyptian households.

Reasons why cats make great pets:

  • Clean
  • Energetic
  • Low maintenance
  • Loving

There are a lot of good reasons to have a cat as pet. You need to make sure that you are prepared to raise a cat in your household. Remember that the joy having a cat as a pet has been proven beneficial even to kids today. You just need to make sure that you are ready to have kittens; you can ask to adopt a cat or have a kitten from a friend. There is no need to buy one for you to raise it as a pet.

In Egypt, people were having cats for their pets; and due to this, a lot of households had cats for their pets. As a result, they were unable to control some vermin in their food supply. In the course of history involving cats, there had been not so good evidence of its impact to society; in fact in the 14th century, the world was struck by the bubonic plague that was spread by fleas. This was the time when cats were killed due to the belief that cats are associated with Satan but this was also the reason why the number of rodents grew because there were no longer any cats to control their population and thus came the massive epidemic that caused diseases and death in huge numbers.

Today, humans’ love for cats just continues to grow. There are a lot of different breeds of domestic cats that are available around the world and the names are usually inspired by where they are commonly found. There are a lot of people who love to raise several pets that include cats and dogs. There are instances when cats and dogs become friends especially if they are able to grow together; this results to harmony within the household.

There are a lot of ways to find a cat to take care of which won’t require you to spend money. You can either adopt or have one from a friend. Kittens are also good for raising with children in the family. There are a lot of animals that need human love; and if you can afford to have more than one pet, then why stop there? You can help the cat shelter find a good place for these pets to live. They will surely be able to give love to the people who in turn would be able to show them kindness and love.

We have found a good article here about how cats have become more domesticated. It’s good to know what their nature is so we will know how to deal with them. Check out the article here and have fun:

How to Keep You Pet Cat Healthy

If you love your pets, you are going to do everything you can to keep them happy and contented. They give you unconditional love, after all; it’s just correct and proper to give back to them that fondness and love that they give you. One of the ways that you can repay them for their affection is to take good care of their health. While this is something most pet owners are already aware of, not all of them know the ways of keeping their cat healthy. This is not even neglect, it’s just the fact that sometimes people may not have access to accurate and helpful information.

If you want to make sure that your pet is healthy, you have to keep in mind a few things. Here are some useful tips that you should bear in mind as a pet owner. These tips, coupled with additional research, should get you a long way in your quest of maintaining your beloved cat’s health in good condition.

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Don’t Pass on the Regular Medical Examination

Just like people, animals need medical attention too! This is one way of making sure that your cat is not infected by any disease or, if it is, it can be given the proper medical care that will restore them to good health. Always keep a schedule of your cat’s medical examinations so that you can tell if it is time for its next visit to the vet. In addition, if you notice your cat exhibiting unusual behavior as well as manifesting physical symptoms of sickness, do not tarry long. Pick the cat up, put it on its litter and head off to the veterinarian. Prompt medical action can save your pet’s life when it comes to an illness.

Observe Proper Diet

You’ll be surprised when you find out that you need to observe a diet for your pet as well! You need to watch out for foods that can actually be detrimental to its health. One good example is your choice between dried and canned food. Canned goods is actually better as dog  or cat food, because it has more moisture than dried pet food. Feeding your cat this will make sure that it is properly hydrated. Unlike us, our cats do not have the capability of complaining if it’s not feeling well so even a condition that is minor to us humans like dehydration can be fatal to our feline pets.

Regular Exercise Is Good For Your Cat’s Health

Last but not the least, make sure to include at least a few minutes of exercise for your pet cat. Exercise, just like it does for us humans, will help you cat release energy that is otherwise pent up because of inactivity. This will keep its metabolism going, as well as reducing the amount of fats in your pet’s body in order to keep it from being obese. Remember that being obese can reduce dramatically the life expectancy of your feline friend, and thus should be avoided. I’d like to end with a real thanks to the los angeles web design firm that help rescue this site from the abyss! We really love cats and animals in general, they showed me how to move our out website from the microsoft publisher format it was in to a new format called wordpress. Right now the site is very simple but connect theory is confident we can add to our current foundation and grow to add a networked community and even a forum. I’m so excited! In celebration of our reboot I’d like you to watch the most popular cat lover meme of all time..


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